EICHAR DE CURTINS POST 5713 1118 W. LOGAN ST. P.O. BOX 293 CELINA, OHIO 45822-0293 419-586-3140 E-mail vfw@bright.net
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Veteran of Foreign Wars Post 5713 and it’s Ladies Auxiliary, Celina, Ohio held their annual Youth Awards Banquet April 24th 2014 for the following programs: Patriot’s Pen, Dare, Patriotic Art, and Voice of Democracy. Receiving cash awards totaling $2400.00, plaques and a 3x5 American Flag from the post were:In the Voice of Democracy Contest, Celina High School Frank Townsend was declared the post VOD winner and received a $500.00 cash award. Patricia Dennis received a $300.00 cash award for 2nd place, and Kourtney Fark received a $200.oo cash award for their efforts.This year’s theme was: “Why I'm Optimistic About our Nation’s Future”The annual scriptwriting contest is based on a 3-5 minutes speech and judging is based on delivery, content and originality and is opened to high school students.In the Patriots Pen Contest, the following 7th grade students of Celina Middle School were declared post winners and received a $100.00 cash award for their efforts: Hannah E Rasawehr, Blake M Germann, Grace A. McGrohan, Michael B Johnson, Bailey E. Homan, Michael S. Schindler, Samantha J Miller, Chase R. AndrewMadeline M Elston, and Tyler W Grant. All entries were forwarded to VFW District #2 completion with Blake M Germann finishing in 3rd place.This year’s theme was: “What Patriotism Means to Me” The annual scriptwriting contest is based on a 300-400 word essay and judging is based on theme knowledge, theme development, and clarity of ideas and is opened to 6th, 7th, and 8th graders.In the DARE Essay, the following 6th grade students from the Celina Intermediate School were declared post winners and each received a $50.00 award for their efforts: Gaven Nash and Grace GabesPatriotic Art Contest Winners:The overall winner was Arminda Wott receiving $200.00 cash award and 1st runner-up was Renee Zuercher receiving $100.00.
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